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Russian shawls

Russian shawls known for its beauty and finest quality all over the world. Russian shawls were designed to keep women warm and beautiful at winter time. The shawls come in a big variety of ornaments and colors, with mostly floral patterns. Our unique shawls' collection are presented by more than 1,000 different shawls for any style.

History of Russian shawl

The history of Pavlovo Posad shawls began in the 18th century, when at the village of Pavlovsk peasant Ivan Labzin founded Shawl Manufactory, which his great-grandson, together with Vasily Ivanovich Gryaznov redeveloped to factory of wool shawls with a printed pattern, which soon became very popular in Russia. Vasily Pavlovsky Posad revered saint in the Russian Orthodox Church. Since 1995 the factory is called Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory.

Handmade Russian shawls and scarves

From the first days until the end of 20th century paintings on the factory applied with a carved molds made of wood. To create a headscarf sometimes it required up to 400 moulds. Now the ink on the fabric is applied with a silk mesh patterns and it allows faster production and high quality coating. In the collection now more than three thousand unique drawings, where more than four hundred are using every day. The factory employs many talented artists who create fantastic patterns of beauty, weaving together the flowers, plants and ornaments of great beauty. Our shawls are made both in high quality and natural fabrics, and looking absolutely stunning. You can choose from many of these shawls, made in Russia, at our store SkazkaMart.com, where we offer traditional high quality Russian shawls for every taste and budget.

Handmade Russian shalws

High quality Pavlovo Posad shawls, all made only from natural fabrics combined with unique designs attracts millions of buyers in Russia and all around the world. Today Pavlovo shawls - it's not just the stunning works of art, but also the imprint of the mysterious Russian soul. Any Shawl is real brilliant of Russian handicraft and gift that every girls want!

Where to buy Russian shawls

We are proud to offer for you full selection of all Russain shawls on SkazkaMart. Buying on SkazkaMart.com and using the directory is fairly straight forward to use and similar to other marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay. Browse the shawls or scarfs categories or do a search for the particular product you’re looking for and find it! On our website when you buying Russian shawls you can choose between: wool shawls, silk shawls, downy shawls, women`s wool scarf, women`s silk scarf, men`s scarf. You can either search for items based on product descriptions, for example: wool shawls, which will give you thousands of results for wool shawls products. What you see on product page: unit price (Pavlov Posad factory is our partner and we proud to guarantee Lowest Possble Price for all products on website), product description (material, color, dimensions, etc), quick overview, delivery and payment options. We invite you to visit our store in Moscow, where you can choose from thousands shawls and make a pleasant purchase. Free delivery of your purchases available. If you need any assistance please feel free to call +7916-491-06-73 or email us at help@Skazkamart.com

How to pay online

When you check out online at our site, just look for the PayPal button to use PayPal as your online payment solution. Then log into PayPal and speed through checkout securely with just your email and password. We will deliver your paid order in 3-5 days. We will regularly keep you updated on the progress of your order by email.

A big selection of unique silk shawls, wool shawls, scarves and wraps for men and women. Made of 100% silk and wool.

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