Our heritage



Skazka today

Owners opened their dream store and named it Skazka. With their creativity and desire to gather all masterpieces made by famous Russian painters and jewellers they built magic House of Skazka based on the simple principles of exclusivity and quality. Skazka today is more than just the sum of its products - it`s a shopping experience that promises to surprise,maze and amuses customers by delivering extraordinary customer experience.

"Fairytale your life!"


It’s shopping, but not as you know it. Discover one-of-a-kind experiences, world-famous brands at the store that started it all, Skazka.


Monday 9.00 - 22.00
Tuesday 9.00 - 22.00
Wednesday 9.00 - 22.00
Thursday 9.00 - 22.00
Friday 9.00 - 23.00
Saturday 9.00 - 23.00
Sunday 9.00 - 22.00


The prices in the retail Skazka shop may differ from the prices indicated on this site.