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Matryoshka is a piece of decorative Art. A matryoshka blank is usually cut out of wood and follows the outlines of a human figure. The artistic meaning of the matryoshka painting is to create an image of a person and his family. Traditional Russian nesting dolls use elements of Russian ornaments when drawing aprons and kokoshniks of nesting dolls. When creating scarves for matryoshka dolls, artists repeat the drawings of Pavloposad shawls. A distinctive feature of the traditional Russian nesting dolls is the use of flowers to decorate the apron and scarf of each matryoshka in the set. All nesting dolls from the Traditional Nesting Dolls section of the Skazka store undergo mandatory quality control and are accompanied by a Quality Certificate upon sale. Where to buy handmade Russian matryoshka doll in Moscow? The Skazka shop on the Arbat street in Moscow offers an unprecedentedly huge selection of handmade dolls. Each doll in the Skazka store is signed by an artist and is accompanied by certificate of quality confirming that the doll is handmade in Russia. The Skazka store gives a quality guarantee for every matryoshka nesting doll for a period of 3 years. To visit Skazka store go to Arbat street 51, near Hard Rock cafe Moscow, use exit at Smolenskaya metro station.