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Skazka continues to work hard to increase the benefits to our suppliers of supplying our business and selling through our store. We represent one of the most recognised Russian art and jewellery retail brand in the world. Skazka owns over 25 years of reputation in Skazka' name.

Skazka recognises the need to forge collaborative working partnerships with our suppliers, so that trading benefit may be realised by both parties. Working more closely and efficiently, we hope to achieve strong year-on-year sales growth and hence, increase buying volumes.

We are committed to improving our own buying process. this includes reducing the lag-time between product selection and final purchase orders, better forward forecasting of demand, shortening delivery windows, improving order fulfilment, reducing delivery error and maintaining prompt payment to those suppliers that adhere to our buying guidelines and standards.

Any queries or issues suppliers have, standards and charges must be directed outlined below.

Head Office

51 Arbat street

Telephone: +7


Please note that no deliveries are to be made to Head Office unless specifically authorised in writing.

The prices in the retail Skazka shop may differ from the prices indicated on this site.