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Zhostovo The history of Zhostovo and its handicrafts can be traced back to the beginning of the 19th century, when some workshops for making lacquered paper products appeared in some suburbs of Moscow and villages in the former Troitsk region. Zhostovo painting is a kind of handicraft painted on a metal tray, initially coated with several layers of putty and oil black paint. Use soft brushes and oil paint to finish the painting with vigorous and firm strokes several times in a row, diluted with linseed oil. The most widely used subject in Zhostovo's paintings is a mix of gardens and wildflowers, which are simple and concise in nature. The edge of the tray is painted with a light gold decoration called уборка (uborka). Then cover the finished tray with three layers of light paint and polish to brightness. Since 1825 Russia has established factories to produce painted metal pallets. The most important style of Zhostovo is bouquet or still life painting. The core part of the picture is usually decorative floral ornaments, and the composition of bouquets and garlands of garden flowers. Each tray is made of metal and is polished to cover the background. Only after that, the artist starts to apply the main pattern, and when finished, it is polished and tempered in the oven. You can buy original metal trays with hand-painted flowers at the Skazka store in Moscow, Russia.