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Fedoskino miniature is a traditional Russian lacquer miniature painting on papier-mache boxes. Fedoskino is an old village near Moscow known from the late 18th century. All Fedoskino painting preserves the typical features of Russian folk art. Mostly miniature are oil painted in many layers, decorated with gold leaves and mother-of-pearl. The roots of this miniature painting technique come from technique of icon paintings. Very popular motifs in Fedoskino miniature are landscapes, portraits, copies of famous paintings and scenes from peasant life. We have collect many beautiful hand-painted Fedoskino miniatures and welcoming you to browse our large collection and find perfect gift for your family or friends. All items selling on skazka.site are certified for authenticity and such certificates with name of painter and artwork shipping together with merchandise.  We sure, that you will find exactly what you are looking for and guarantee the lowest possible price for all items.