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Palekh miniature is a very famous Russian handicraft, which is usually paint with tempera colours on boxes or panel made of papier-mâché. And they are known for delicate and smooth design with golden shading. First Palekh box was made in 1923. The technology of making a miniature paintings boxes was borrowed from Fedoskino. Palekh miniatures art paintings is form of figurative art that portrays or draws its main inspiration from the Russian fairytales or peasant life of Russian countryside. Rooted in the ancient traditions of Russian icon painting Palekh paintings using complicated golden pattern details and local bright paints over the black background that's gives a unique brightness for work and a shade of mystery. Palekh miniature fine artists are studying at the Palekh Art College, where all students focuses on the fundamentals of Palekh art, such as miniature drawing and paintings, technique of golden detailing and many layers paintings. And this famous art of miniature painting is very popular in Russia today. Artwork of Palekh craftsmen can be a very precious detail in any collection of art. Our Skazka store boasts nearly 1,500 of the most beautiful Palekh miniature boxes and we invite you to browse this collection and choose ones you like. All items selling on Skazka site are certified for authenticity and such certificates with name of painter and artwork shipping together with merchandise.