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A world leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of Russian art creations, Skazka invites you to enjoy an exhibition of the finest and most adorable Santa Claus figurines, carved from wood and hand painted. Skazka workshops located in the cities of Khotkovo and Abramtsevo, where carvers and painters creating their masterpieces inspired by the world's famous Russian fairytales and history of Russian folk Art. For the production of wooden sculptures, only the best wood is used in Skazka workshops, which is pre-dried and not subject to cracking. When applying the painting, the artists use natural paints prepared in accordance with the ancient Russian traditions of icon painting. Finished products are varnished to protect the pattern and carving from moisture and dust, after which each product is dried in a varnish hardening oven. You can visit Skazka store in Moscow Russia or online store to browse the newest arrivals from our masters.