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Russian Samovar

Samovar is the heart and soul of Russia. Nothing can be better than to put Samovar and delightful pastries to the table and gather the whole family around. Russian Samovar is still the most pleasant way to serve tea drinking ceremony.

History of Samovar

First Samovars were made in Russia in the mid-18th century. They are made of copper with an internal combustion chamber, and a high chimney, filling with the wood coals. Later samovars steel made of brass and silver, and in the 19th century samovars began to make of plated silver, which took a thick platinum copper, warmed it, imposed a thin plate of silver on both sides, paving the borax and rolled under pressure. By the end of the 19th century, after the discovery of electroplating, samovars were started ti cover with a thin layer of nickel. At the beginning of the 20th century there were kerosene samovars, and in the second half of the 20th century all over the place began to produce electric samovars.

What is Samovar

Samovar is a device for boiling water and maintain hot water. Despite the variety of shapes and colors, all the samovars are same. Each samovar stand on curved metal legs and consists of a tank (which is filled with water) and neck. When Samovar powering by wood coal, its vertically penetrates the pipe, which is loaded with coal.

Contemporary Samovars

Today you can find a Samovars made of copper, brass or galvanised steel, nickel-covered Samovars, golden or beautifully hand-painted. On our shop also available porcelain samovars handmade in Gzhel with electric heating element inside and porcelain teapot.

Where to buy an original Samovar?

Do you have an idea to buy Samovar for a gift or for home? Are you looking for electric Samovar or Samovar on the coals? Do you like painted patterns or prefer shining gold? On our website on the page Samovars you can find a lot of different shapes and designs. We welcoming you to look our big range of Samovars to find ONE you need! Easy navigation on the site will assist your quick search and ordering. You have an option to pay by card or with your PayPal account. We offering a free-of-charge worldwide delivery and returns for all purchase on our website. We also guarantee that you buy at lowest possible price.

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Where to buy original handmade Russian samovar in Moscow?

The Skazka shop on the Arbat street in Moscow offers an unprecedentedly huge selection of Russian Samovar. Each samovar in the Skazka store is signed by an artist and is accompanied by certificate of quality confirming that the samovar is handmade in Russia. The Skazka store gives a quality guarantee for every samovar for a period of 3 years. We guarantee lowest price. To visit Skazka store go to Arbat street 51, near Hard Rock cafe Moscow, use exit at Smolenskaya metro station.