About Skazka store

If you love your family and friends and are looking for a creative ideas to make unforgettable gifts for them or if you want to buy something special for yourself, Skazka is the right place at the right time!

Welcome to the beautiful world of distinguished Russian handicrafts. All kinds of collectible lacquer hand-painted Fedoskino miniatures, Aviator watches, fine Amber and gold Jewelry, rare Matryoshka nesting dolls, bone porcelain can be the perfect choice for your gift ideas. Exclusive dolls and Antique toys, wooden Chess and Easter eggs, Soccer t-shirts and Christmas ornaments, thousands Souvenirs allows you to choose the most pleasant trifle.

Russian handicrafts and jewelry

For those who love art and collectibles Skazka.site has prepared a very large selection of unique Russian handicrafts, jewelry and gifts. We gathered together delightful works of most talented Russian artists and craftsmen. Our products are ideal for those who are looking to make a gift for friends or relatives. We build this online store and fulfil it with a variety of high quality products: matryoshka, painted boxes, shawls, porcelain collection, toys and souvenirs. Don’t hesitate to contact us while shopping on our site, we are glad to assist you in any question you may have. 

We invite you to spend a time on our site at your leisure and buy at your pleasure!


The prices in the retail Skazka shop may differ from the prices indicated on this site.