About Skazka


Skazka is the leading company for Russian handicrafts, jewelry and watches with fiscal 2017 sales over $1.25 million. As of end of 2017 the company operates 3 art workshop in different Russian cities and 3 stores in Moscow, as well as skazka.site website store. We serve hundreds Russian painters and craftsmen and thousands buyers around the world.

Our mission

Skazka mission is to bring together Russian painters and craftsmen, and buyers from all around the world. We do this by giving painters place to work and necessary equipment and by helping buyers find products of Russian craftsmen quickly and efficiently. We measure our success by our customers' smiles.

What we do

We feature a great selection of  high-quality products at Lowest Possible Prices with superb quality service. We also have another goal: to bring you the best shopping experience on the Internet.

Whether you are looking for hand painted or carved, commonplace or luxurious, or exclusive artwork - it possible to find on skazka.site. We brings you thousands of products from Russia including toys, jewelry, paintings, clothing, Christmas decorations and dolls.

We also have another target: to give you the best shopping experience on the web, and we employ extraordinary people who develop web services to help buyers discover new products and help Russian craftsmen find more opportunities.

Our secret

Secret of our success is to give our customers best products at Lowest Possible Price and knowledgeable service. With our resources of the Russia’s largest handicrafts retailer and convenience of present day web technology we provide trade service for our customers to save money so they can live better. All our workshops located in Russia and we proud to guarantee that all products on our web site are selling at Lowest Possible Price. We focus on partnering with other manufacturer in Russia and building strong connection with them, that’s why we offer to buy many their products at very competitive price.

Our contacts:


51 Arbat street, Moscow 119002 Russia

telephone: +7 9151860360

e-mail: help@skazka.site

Twitter @SkazkaMart



The prices in the retail Skazka shop may differ from the prices indicated on this site.