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What is roly-poly toy?

A roly-poly toy, round-bottomed doll, tilting doll, tumbler or wobbly man is a round-bottomed toy, usually tends to right itself when pushed at an angle, and does this in seeming contradiction to the force of gravity. The toy is typically hollow with a weight inside the bottom hemisphere. The placement of this weight is such that the toy has a center of mass below the center of the hemisphere, so that any tilting raises the center of mass. When such a toy is pushed over, it wobbles for a few moments while it seeks the upright orientation, which has an equilibrium at the minimum gravitational potential energy.

Different toy manufacturers and different cultures have produced different-looking roly-poly toys: the okiagari-koboshi and some types of Daruma doll of Japan, the nevаlyashka ("untopply") or van'ka-vstan'ka ("Ivan-get-up") of Russia. A toy manufacturer recommends roly-poly toys for small children just developing motor skills; a child can bat at it without its rolling away.

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