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Staying true to the tradition of icon painting first founded over a century ago, the iconic Russian brand Kholuy is a famous lacquer miniatures revered for its very colorful and miniature details and gold leaves ornaments in paitings. A Kholuy miniature art is a Russian handicraft of miniature painting made with tempera on papier-mâché box.

The Kholuy school of icon painting was founded in 1883. The school continued the local handicraft of icon painting known since the 16th century, but after 1917 Revolution the icon painting workshops were closed. In the 1930s, a group of artists formed an association to open a workshop for miniature lacquer art, and a new school was opened in 1943. Subjects for Kholuy miniatures vary from Russian fairy tales to cities landscapes. Kholuy miniatures are more realistic compares to Palekh and Mstera, and more decorative than those of Fedoskino.

The old Russian village of Kholuy is located in Ivanovo region not far from Moscow. Many workshops produced icons in different quality. These were icons that required no special workmanship and there were also pieces produced on a high artistic level boasting magnificent scripture and virtuoso chasing work on a golden leaves background.

The history of lacquer miniature in Kholuy is very similar to Palekh and Mstera. But Kholuy art is distinguished for its more specific and colorful character comparing with Palekh and Mstera. Kholuy art has a wide range of warm ground colors , with preference for yellow, green and red.

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