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History of Zhostovo and its handicraft dates back to early 19's century, when in some of Moscows's suburbs and villages of former Troitsk oblast were appeared some workshops for manufacturing painted lacquered products made of papier-mache. Zhostovo painting is a handicraft of painting on metal trays, preliminary coated with a few layers of putty and oil black varnish. Painting is done in a few consecutive energetic and firm strokes with a soft brush and oil paints, richly diluted with linseed oil. The most widely used motif of the Zhostovo painting is a bunch of mixed garden and wild flowers, which is simple and laconic in its essence. The edges of a tray are painted with a light golden ornament called уборка (uborka). A finished tray is then covered with three layers of light lacquer and polished to brilliance.